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Basic information about Omasi-project in English

The project maps visions and experiential knowledge of working life among special groups of young women. The aim of the project is to increase authorities’ and employers’ knowledge of the young women’s expectations about working life and their educational choices.

In addition of producing knowledge the project strives to encourage young women’s vocational dreams with help of futures thinking methods. The project improves young women’s life management and promotes their integration to the society.

The target group of the project is young women under 30 years who belong to the realm of the Youth Guarantee

The actions of the project
  1. Produce futures thinking tools for the needs of special groups
  2. Organize futures workshops for the target group and different authorities working with them
  3. Produce insights (based on interviews) dealing with educational choices and working life experiences
  4. Promote employment and improve the working life abilities
  5. Arrange training and networking sessions

Contact info:

Sari Miettinen
Project Coordinator
+358 (0)50 367 83 92

Katariina Heikkilä
Project Coordinator

Omasi is a national project coordinated by the Finland Futures Research Centre. Its administrave title is Futures images of working life as seen by young women and it is funded by the European Social Fund / Central Finland Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. The total project entity duration is 1.8.2015-31.12.2017.


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